Here are Japanese solexist!


We are brothers,Ani(erder brother) and Ototo(younger brother).
And we are only one brothers loves Velo-solex in my city(may be).Ani has reproduced(Hangarian) s3800, ototo has Japanese 5000 was re-conditioned by himself.
Ototo worked hard in '03 summer. First, his solex is not solex just some stleel lasty plates and bar and screws in a carton.
He had to start re-conditioning without image of complete 5000. He fighited with last, polish and polish, day by day.
It is not easy to get repair parts for solex. Because no shop deal solex parts in Japan.
He solved this ploblem with importing from USA BUT he can not speak English, then he spent 2hours to one enquiry E-mail :p
I(Ani) get a new s3800 in summer 2000, at shop in Shibuya( one of city in Tokyo).
In fact, it is not easy to ride solex in Japanese traffic. so we can only run small street in local area.
In Tokyo county area, we can find them. I hope you enjoy our photos Japanese local seanaly and our daily life.

Thank you

Masayuki SHIMOYAMA,(Ani)


"Les 60ans du VeloSolex, 1946-2006, at Beauvais"

"60 Jaar Solex Nederland 2008, at Oosterbeek"

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