I got the Solex5000 in 2003. It was dismantled and packed in a box. I had no confidence in restoring it. But I tryed it!
At first, I took off paint of the frames. And repainted it to deep blue with can sprays. I polished it carefully. The frames are like a new condition! Then I assembled the frames.
My SOLEX5000's handlebar got rusty. I substituted bicycle's handlebar. Driving is low posture under the influence of it.
The tyres cracked in the side. So I replaced it with new one.
Next process, I overhauled the engine. It is hard to get parts for SOLEX5000 in Japan. So I diverted the SOLEX3800's engine parts(cylinder, piston, carburetor etc.). The assembling is simple. Solex's engine is a good design!
And finally, Combined the frames and the engine! And test run it. The tension was building up! I tryed hard to start it. My SOLEX5000 cryed rattle, but the engine was not starting. I suffered about it. I disassembled the engine many times. And I notice, the clutch unit was put inside out on the engine unit! I put it to regular side.
I tryed to start the engine again. The engine was start! My SOLEX5000 is in running order!
I think the SOLEX5000 give entertaining time to me!
It's fun! in a box painting dry up
bolts and screws assembly finish
diverted parts assembly engine finish test run
funning! cover engine front view


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