Re-conditioning Mod.5000 "Daihatsu" by Ani

Checking condition

Ani got Mod.5000 called "Daihatsu" in Japan. He bought it at internet auction, 20,000JPY (Approx.133Euros/210USD).
 Daihatsu 5000

Unfortunately condition was not good. It is very common condition in Japan, due to high humidity, strong UV during summer, and indifference to old stuff.

First problem is lost/broken parts, motorhood, Flywheel cover, and tailcap of rear carrier. Also cyclepedal is hardly damaged. Of course, Tyres are completely flatted.
As for frame, It is rusty and painted by hand. Particularly dountube is eroded by rust, it is forming small dents on surface of frame, it seems like peel of orange.


Firstly, I disassembled solex, I guess it has disassembled before, several bolts and nuts were easy to slacken. I remember other 5000s very bad condition, when I disassembled them, many bolts were broken due to tighten by years. Most of  frame parts is rusted, wheel rim is rusted also. Motor is OK, I tried to start it before disassembling, I succeed start. Condition is not bad except top cover of cylindre.

Removal Old Paint

Removing old paint is first step for frame. Perhaps previous owner tried to repaint easly, Downtube painted with gray primer-surfacer(underpainting)by spray and yellow lacquere by handpainting, but without mask.
Removal painting

 I used high-power solvent for removing. It was hard and uncomfortable work with strong acid. I don't like this step.
But it is very important for beautiful finish for repaint, I strongly recommend remove old paint if you consider that repaint your solex, even old painting keeps good condition.

parts in bag
I put solvent on old painting and put in plastic bag (kind of "Zip-Lock"), This method is know as tip for removal by solvent, you can keep solvent effection in bag, otherwise solvent is easy to evaporation.

 If you have blasting machine, you don't need to use acid solvent for this work. This method is very useful for re-conditioning old motocycle (and car), peoples believed blasting has anti-rasting effect. I'm not sure, but some of my friends mentioned they find some blasted small steel parts of old motocycle didn't got rust even without any treatment and paint.

"Orange skin" area on down tube, it seems treated by rust stabler-solvent, it change red coloured rust to black one.

Prepare for Repaint

Actually, I have a plan for pre-painting treatment my frame, I polished them and sent out a factory....
Then I received parcel.

plated frame
Yes It is Plating. I orderd "Yellow chromate", It may give high anti-rusting effection.

Chassis Nr.
You can see chassis Nr. on tube. I wonder this Nr. is only for Japanese market.

To be continued.